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Free Tools Available from Avow on National Healthcare Decisions Day and Beyond

National Healthcare Decisions Day will be observed on Wednesday, April 16, 2014. The goal of this nationwide initiative is to ensure all adults with decision-making capacity in America have both the information and the opportunity to communicate and document their future healthcare decisions. While making healthcare decisions is often difficult in the best of circumstances, making decisions for others is even more complicated. Advance directives (also called “living wills”) give people the ability to document the types of healthcare they do and do not want, and to name a person to speak on their behalf if they cannot speak for themselves. Having an advance directive can be valuable for all adults, regardless of current age or health status. Advance directives can be created without a lawyer, for free, and relatively easily. Avow has free tools available to assist you with preparing your advance directives and to help you organize important [...]


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